New unified Quality Department for Unexport.

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From October the cooperative society is launching this new service for members, which brings together all the products it distributes under the ‘Unexport’ brand and allows its range to stand out amongst its competitors, both in wholesale and retail contexts.

The cooperative society Unexport is launching its common Quality Department for all members and producers this month. This is new service to unify all its products under a single brand. This novel marketing tool “allows our produce to be more easily identified within supermarkets and shops, where we supply up to 14 different products,” explains Thomas Andersson, manager at Unexport.

The unification of quality control mechanisms means that all products sold to end clients, i.e. supermarkets, are controlled by the Unexport Quality Department, in addition to being exported under a single brand name, ‘Unexport’, “which gives all our products a standard of quality which increases our competitiveness on other markets, and, of course, for the consumer,” adds Andersson.

The unification of the Unexport brand quality standards therefore provides its products with a competitive advantage within the sector. This new service will also generate benefits in terms of added value for members and producers, regardless of the quality systems already in place in their own quality departments, as it is fully compatible and orientated towards the combined work of the cooperative and its members.