Unexport now has 11 international delegates.

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The society’s trade network has recently taken root in Norway, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Middle East and the Baltics, to provide local producers with access to the overseas market and promote the sale of their products.

Unexport has increased its international sales structure with the addition of 11 new sales delegates, seven of which are located in target markets: Norway, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Germany and Arab Countries. Two new delegations have also been included from the Middle East and the Baltics.

All these measures help to strengthen the groups’ internationalisation strategy, the main target of which is to provide access to the overseas market for local producers and encourage the joint sale of products on markets and destinations to which members would otherwise not have access.

In order to do this “we provide an increasingly broad service to our clients and our members, offering a full range of Spanish and imported products,” explains Thomas Andersson, manager of Unexport.

The Unexport target trade network is responsible for strengthening the group’s position on key markets, and members can be safe in the knowledge that their products are going to a secure, guaranteed market, via direct contact with the client.

This network is continuously growing and expanding, as “forming part of a single, unified point of sale strengthens our position on the overseas market, and opens the door for members to markets which they would otherwise be unable to access,” concludes Thomas Andersson.