Unexport’s international distribution network spreads to the Middle East.

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During the 2012 campaign, our overseas market has been joined by countries such as Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, which are already importing products such as citrus fruits, bananas and grapes.

Unexport’s internationalisation strategy has taken a qualitative leap ahead over the course of 2012 with the inclusion of Middle Eastern markets and its overseas distribution network.

Since February of this year, countries such as Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have been demanding our products. Exports to this area currently include citrus fruits, bananas and grapes. The Middle East trade network has also begun to send samples of other fruits and vegetables, in order to broaden the range of products on demand in these countries.

This internationalisation strategy will be consolidated later this year when Unexport travels to WOP Dubai, on 19th, 20th and 21st November. This convention is the major meeting point for customers in the Middle East, with attendants from 5 different countries last year.

Unexport’s international diversification network also continues to strengthen its position in other countries in our overseas market, such as Hong Kong and Brazil. In total, products have been exported to 27 different countries in 2012.

The targets for the next season include breaking into the Baltics, Russia and Eastern Europe, in an attempt to provide access to the overseas market for local producers and encourage the joint sale of products on markets and destinations to which members would otherwise not have access.